Eelke Kleijn Releases Final Album Single “Taking Flight” Feat. Nathan Nicholson

While the anticipation is steadily rising for Eelke Kleijn’s long-awaited fourth studio album Oscillations, the sonic maestro has treated fans with the last single off the project, “Taking Flight” featuring vocals from Nathan Nicholson. Eelke Kleijn’s talent and work ethic are unquestionable, having allowed him to score Hollywood blockbusters such as Rush, Parker and This Means War, all on top of sustaining a successful music career. 

“Taking Flight” follows equally stunning singles “The Magician,” “The Hierophant,” and “Woodstock,” and is out via Eelke Kleijn’s own multi-faceted platform DAYS like NIGHTS. Driven by analog basslines, numerous effects and pulsating synths, it is a stunning effort that is brought to life with the help of Nathan Nicholson’s vocal talents. 

“Nathan and myself have been recording ideas together for a few years now. Taking Flight was the first one where we were both extremely excited about the end result,” explains Eelke Kleijn. “Nathan is such an incredible singer, I really wanted to have a standout track for him. And I couldn’t be happier with the final song, it’s really one of the standout tunes on the album for me!”




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