Elderbrook Releases Post ‘Cola’ EP

After the global commercial success of ‘Cola‘ together with Camelphat, Elderbrook publishes his ‘Old Friend‘ EP including lead single ‘Old Friend‘ along with another new track ‘Bird Song‘ and two existing singles ‘Sleepwalking‘ and ‘Capricorn‘.

The EP’s tracks are all the same style, funky house with catchy vocals, except ‘Bird Song‘ – a slower alternative track. This ‘Cola’ formula has obviously worked before so its not a surprise to see it again. This EP would go down a treat at any nightclub and definitely have everyone dancing.

Alexander Kotz aka Elderbrook, has done a tremendous job with his post ‘Cola‘ content. Elderbrook really needed to capitalise on Cola’s success and release similar sounding records, this EP includes that but remains different and true to his underground roots. Its not a cash grab, like a ‘Cola‘ 2.0, its fresh and the perfect way to remain in the spotlight after ‘Cola‘.

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