Elderbrook Teases ‘Shallow Water’ Ahead Of Tour and Studio Album

Elderbrook, the multi-talented producer, singer-songwriter, and DJ, is back with a bang. His new single, “Shallow Water,” is a powerhouse of emotion and depth. This track is set to be part of his upcoming studio album, promising more incredible music later this year.

Elderbrook, whose real name is Alexander Kotz, describes “Shallow Water” as a raw and introspective journey. He says, “In ‘Shallow Water,’ the cards are down, bottom reached and there is nowhere left to go. The individual has to be better, do better.” The song dives into the struggles of self-improvement and the messy path to meaningful change.

Built around Elderbrook’s moving vocals and uplifting organs, “Shallow Water” pulses with life. The music video, directed by Phúóng Vū, is a visual treat from start to finish. It blends Vietnam’s stunning natural landscapes with surreal choreography, creating a experience easy to return to again and again.

This single follows Elderbrook’s successful return with “Glad I Found You,” a collaboration with George FitzGerald. With over two billion global streams, Elderbrook is a undeniable force in the electronic scene, headlining shows at iconic venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Brooklyn Mirage. “Shallow Water” is another gem in his unforgettable career.

Upcoming Elderbrook show dates:

June 14: Brooklyn Mirage (New York, NY)
June 28-30: Keil do Amaral Garden (Lisbon, Portugal)
July 5: Badland’s Tent (Calgary, AB)
July 6: Holland Park (Vancouver, BC)
July 13: Park na Zdrowiu (Łódź, Poland)
July 19: AYU Dayclub (Las Vegas, NV)
July 19-21: Capitol Hill Block Party (Seattle, WA)
July 27: The Open-Air Museum of Lithuania (Rumšiškės, Lithuania)
July 28: Tension Electronic Music Festival (Switzerland, SC)
Aug 1: Zouk Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV)
Aug 2: Veld (Toronto, ON)
Aug 3: Osheaga (Montreal, QC)
Aug 4: HARD SUMMER (Los Angeles, CA)
Aug 9-10: Trenčín Airport (Trenčín, Slovakia)
Aug 10: Soundscape Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
Aug 22-24: Lake Balaton (Zamárdi)
Sep 8: Lollapalooza Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Sep 26: Zouk Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV)
Oct 5: Austin City Limits (Austin, TX)
Oct 11: Austin City Limits (Austin, TX)




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