Electronic Artist’s Team Up For 2nd Annual Charity “United” Album

For the second year in a row, an international coalition of artists has come together to release their charity compilation album “United.” The goal of the project is to raise awareness and money to further the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals (STGs). Outlined in 2015, these initiatives take on important issues like marine life, climate change, and poverty. Each track released through United 2019 has been dedicated by the artist(s) to a particular STG.

Highlights of the album include “Dolphins,” a unique club-friendly house track from rising industry names Triple M and Noah Aryton. The artists say their aim was to create a “joyful track resembling dolphins partying in the sea.” This lighthearted theme ties in well with the track’s STG of sustainable and clean water. 

Producer Sam Ourt and singer/songwriter Amelia’s track “Once Chance” tackles the worldwide issue of accessible education. To Ourt, this issue has always been close to his heart: “for me, it was hard growing up finding my own chances to keep working for my dreams in a lot of bad moment.” 

Overall, the album showcases impressive electronic creations from some of the industry’s leading producers. Songs like Stisema’s “Make A Change,” Arena’s “Feel The Nature” and Blaze U’s “Together” masterfully bring together feel-good, anthemic house music with a powerful call to action. 

Stream “United” Here:




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