Ella Isaacson Unites With Gallant On The Stargate Produced ‘Expectations’

​This week LA-based songstress Ella Isaacson revealed the latest bop in her carefully crafted discography, and it features none other than Gallant – her first collaboration as a solo artist. The new single titled “Expectations” is Isaacson’s first release for the year and was co-produced and co-written by the legendary Stargate (Rihanna, Beyonce, Charli XCX).

The talented artist who came to the surface in 2015 as Ryder with “Pretty Little Gangster” and has had a string of beautiful releases over the years. In recent years she dropped singles such as ‘Naked’, ‘Ruins’ and ‘King’ but with her new release, she’s shown a new side and proven her ability and talent is only growing. We can only hope there is more to come from her in the near future.

On ‘Expectations’, Ella’s tantalising catchy vocals flow over the soothing production while Gallant counters bringing it to life with his rawness. Lyrically it’s a brutally honest admission of a couple identifying their expectations, recognizing their failures, and admitting the apparent changes that often happen to both the self and the connection during relationships.

Speaking on the message behind the song, Isaacson recounts “When I started thinking about the concept of expectations – of myself, my life, my career, my family, I just started to write pages and pages of lyrics and poetry. I wanted to tell a story about coming out as who you are and how sometimes in life you start on a path or a direction and suddenly things change. You change or unlock who you really are in ways you didn’t even expect. We try on a shoe, that just doesn’t fit no matter how much we wanted it to.”





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