Elli goes above and beyond with ‘OK’ single.

With a deep understanding of what’s current and with her finger on the pulse of the popular Elli, one half of the industrious female writing/production duo LYRE with longtime friend and business partner Alina Smith delivers a song and video which cultivates cool. A candy color palette and crisp visuals flash in and out in a sequence of lush Pop pristine display. Detailing an adherence to self-love over anything else ‘Ok’ boasts a message of confidence and assurance over anything.

Elli’s innate sense of stardom shines through each scene, her pop sensibilities and aesthetic are razor-sharp, displaying the same confidence and self-love with every glance her emotive performance is evident on camera and vocally. ‘Ok’ is far above and beyond the median and Elli shows that with visuals of the highest caliber set for the highest stage. 

Stream ‘OK’ below:

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