Alt-Pop Artist “ELOI” Shows Her Musical Talent

Through a blended integration of electronica, alternative, pop and R&B, London-based artist ELOI showcases powerful chemistry in her latest single: “Vertigo”. Engagingly original and highly catchy, the track combines unique instrumentation with etherial backing vocals in a dark blend of characterful production.

‘Vertigo’ is a metaphor exploring living in London and romantic relationships. I wrote the song when I was feeling really lost and disconnected from my life here. London is a great place to live your dream, but we’re surrounded by options, and still lonely.


The mood conveyed throughout is relaxed, yet somber as the song tells an intimate story of a love tainted by fear and loneliness. Anchored by moody lyrics and its emotional narrative, “Vertigo” is a relatable, memorable track that can easily be seen climbing its way up the charts.

Stream ‘Vertigo’ below:





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