Elon Musk Changes Twitter to E “D” M + Releases Dance Track ‘Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe’

Great guy, saving the world, memestar, taking us to Mars, elimating traffic – Elon Musk is and is doing a lot of things, now to add to that list: EDM producer.

After posting several pictures in the studio, Elon, now ‘E “D” M’, released ‘Don’t Doubt Your Vibe’ and the track is actually not bad at all!

It would be very surprising if he actually did produce this, he is a very talented man who can do a lot of things and surely produce music if he put time into it. After Tesla stock basically doubled in the past few weeks, I don’t think he has the time. He did state that he “wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!“. Whilst he didn’t contribute heavy amounts to the track, it’s still really awesome to see Elon getting around dance music and music production in general.

Musk shared the song through a SoundCloud account called Emo G Records, which he used to upload an equally humorous hip-hop song titled ‘RIP Harambe’ the better part of a year ago.

What better way to roll into the weekend than with some chill vibes from the internet’s favorite billionaire.

Be … cause … it’s … true

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