End of the World (Sekai No Owari) Recruits NIKI To Explain Relationship Survival Through ‘Forever’

End of the World is the English name of Sekai No Owari, a Japanese band that consists of Fukase, Nakajin, Saori and DJ LOVE. They reinvented as Sekai No Owari’s English moniker to keeping with the ambition and desire to share music with a global audience, debuting all-new original songs sung in English.

End of the world just released a new single Forever, the delicate track features Indonesian singer-songwriter and producer from 88Rising NIKI, who also just released her first full-length album, MOONCHILD. This project started when Nakajin asked NIKI to be part of this song and they started a zoom call in true COVID fashion. Now it’s an ode for the fans around the world.

‘Forever’ describes how love, or any type of relationship, must continue to evolve and change in order to survive. As the title implies, this song tells about the love story which will always exist in the middle of any situation, forever. Even if things turn difficult, they will still be together facing everything in front of them. It is a beautiful song where voices of Fukase and NIKI resonate.

Prior to the release of End of the World’s first album Chameleon, the band also revealed the Chameleon album cover art and merchandising designed by Takashi Murakami. Forever is the fourth track arriving in their upcoming debut album Chameleon, released on 27 November 2020. This will be the first End of the world English album. NIKI is not the only one artist they are collaborating with either. The album’s other collaboration include the upcoming track Hollow with DNCE and previously released song, ‘Lost’ with Clean Bandit and ‘Over’ with Gabriele Aplin. The album will be a journal like work that records the seven years of End of the World activity.





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