Epikker Unleashes a Groovy Remix of iskwē’s ‘I Get High’ to Ignite Your Senses

Get ready to embark on a mind-blowing journey because Epikker, the funky maestros hailing from the City of Angels, are about to drop a mind-altering remix of iskwē’s latest banger, “I Get High,” on May 18th. Brace yourselves because this reimagined masterpiece will take you on an interstellar trip.

Comprised of the musical virtuosos Henry Strange, a sonic technologist and master producer, and Suniel Fox, an electronic sorcerer and multi-instrumentalist, Epikker ventures into uncharted territories with this remix, steering their sonic spaceship into a grime-infused, minimalist dimension that’ll blow your mind faster than a rocket launch.

Epikker’s mission with this remix is crystal clear: they want to transport you to a different plane, unleashing a high that resonates deep within your soul. Brace yourself as they mold iskwē’s captivating vocals, expertly intertwining them with shimmering production design and smooth percussion, resulting in an enchanting concoction that fuses the finest elements of several genres together. Drawing inspiration from their kaleidoscopic musical backgrounds, encompassing everything from electrifying house beats to vintage funk, disco, and indie dance, Epikker has crafted a distinct and versatile sound that’s an emotional rollercoaster drenched in sonic wizardry.

The magic of Epikker’s remix lies in their ability to layer live instrumentation over infectious, melodic beats, creating an unstoppable force of funky, feel-good vibes that’ll have you grooving like there’s no tomorrow. Their ultimate aim? To capture the essence of the human experience through their expressive and vibrant electronic music palette. As the release date inches closer, fans eagerly anticipate the transformative power of Epikker’s reimagining of “I Get High” – a track that’s not just a celebration of life’s euphoric moments, but a testament to the sheer exhilaration that pulses through our veins when we surrender to the rhythm of existence.

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