Episode: Reply All: Permanent Record

On this episode of Reply All, the topic is permanent records, no not the criminal type we’re looking at what happens when your info is on the internet without their control – or google has made peoples lives a bit of a nightmare for stranger than normal reasons. The first story they discuss is _ who set her MySpace name as HornyJew666 and was plagued for years as her in accessible account was the first result on google, causing her to miss job opportunities.

The second story they center on is Bryan, he calls it a curse that his face has more than once become a meme. The first time almost 12 years ago he became synonymous with the search term “confused guy” on google images. The second time in 2010 was after he moved to New York and while at the Moma for Abrima Ambromovich_______ where he sat opposite and she began crying, and he did too. The moment was captured both on film and photo, it then went viral including a spot on the morning show the View. His final time started off with a text asking about a former lover, and revealing details such as his birthdate. He found out soon after that as part of the 10 year anniversary of Facebook they used his personal profile as an example including his still active number, it was hosted on Time, NPR, Gawker, LinkedIn and more of the top news outlets in the globe.





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