Equanimous Presents Debut Album, Merging Elements, via Gravitas Recordings

Combining blissful melodies with bass-heavy drops, DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist and Equanimous just released his debut album Merging Elements via Gravitas Recordings. Other than working alongside the likes of DJ Taz Rashid, The Polish Ambassador, Momentology, Activation, Kiyoshi, Neffex and many more, Equanimous is widely known for his tasteful performances at festivals such as Northern Nights, Earth Frequency Festival, Same Same But Different Festival and The Emerald Cup.  

Spanning over 9 tracks and 11 artist collaborations, Merging Elements is a truly stunning effort from Equanimous, who has stayed overly consistent with his release schedule this year. Introductory track “Arise” with Skysia sets the mood perfectly with its soothing melodies and organic percussion, while upbeat bangers such as “Bumpin Bass Beatbox” with nok nok and “Air Bender” with Ahee add a lot of flavour to the tracklist. “Merging Elements” with Geometrae closes off the tracklist with a stunning, 7-minute showcase of glitchy and ethereal electronic music, solidifying this as an amazing debut album from Equanimous. 





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