Bass Newcomer Eugene Drops New Single “Sense”

Eugene is the latest mysterious name to emerge from the depths of SoundCloud. Since his first tracks appeared on the platform in 2017, the bass music newcomer has slowly gained notoriety for maintaining an enigmatic image, and more importantly, delivering straight-up nasty hard trap music. His latest release “sense” dropped today in typically “out-of-nowhere” fashion, and it’s set to establish a unique sound for this promising young producer.

The track is a dark, brooding number that focuses on mood and atmosphere at its core. The haunting vocal intro gives way to an expertly-designed bass explosion of a drop; as dark and heavy as it is, it’s a refreshing moment for a scene that often relies on pop-y additions and overhyped headbangers. It’s great to see a producer so clearly concentrating on creating great art, and gives me hope for the future of electronic music.

Stream “sense” now on SoundCloud below:

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