Ex Medias Unveils Highly Anticipated ‘Ex Medias Volume III’ Compilation Album

Ex Medias, a thriving community for creative individuals, is excited to announce the release of their latest compilation album, Ex Medias Volume III. This album is a testament to their commitment to supporting and nurturing artists while building a strong and supportive community.

Originally founded in Chicago, Ex Medias has grown into a nationwide movement, providing tools, opportunities, and resources to help budding creatives succeed. They have gained recognition from renowned publications such as EDM.com, Your EDM, and Dancing Astronaut, among others.

The album features 10 tracks from talented Ex Medias artists, many of which will be performing at the prestigious North Coast Music Festival 2023. Noteworthy songs include “Lost My Mind” by Able Grey, “Out Of My Mind” by Meridian, “My Mind Is Techno” by Free Apollo, and many more. With a diverse range of genres like future/melodic bass, house, and techno, the compilation highlights the collective’s rich talent and creativity.

This release not only showcases the individual strengths of the artists but also emphasizes the strong bond within the Ex Medias family. Able Grey, the founder of Ex Medias, boasts leadership qualities which have played a crucial role in the collective’s success and their close-knit electronic music community.

The Ex Medias Volume III compilation is a highly anticipated project that captures the essence of the collective’s unity and showcases their diverse talent. It is a celebration of creativity and a testament to the unique community they have built.






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