Example Provides Another House Hit With ‘Click’

After recently relocating to Australia, Example has not taken the Aussies laidback approach and instead has been providing us with a steady flow of tunes to get bumping too. The latest ‘Money’ only released on YouTube and the previous chart and viral success in 2019 was ‘All Night’. Now he’s here with his next endeavour ‘Click’ which continues to see him expand on his housey approach.

The UK grown artist brings a taste of the underground house style from his home. His iconic vocals join the theme of the instrumental, Example brings his deep vocals on the record, tying it all together nicely. Like previous releases, this house hitter is sure to get played in DJ sets around the globe with a positive reaction.

The music video, directed by Example himself is out now too. He says it’s his favourite and you can, of course, keep a look out for his wife again as we saw in ‘All Night’ and ‘Money’!




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