Excision Taps Dion Timmer & Donna Tella For ‘End Of The World’ Before Album Next Week

Excision has teamed up with Dion Timmer and vocalist Donna Tella on ‘End Of The World’ releasing their track under Excision’s label imprint Subsidia. The artists have collaborated earlier on ‘Salvation’ in 2021.

‘End Of The World’ is a melodic bass tune, the track starts out with birds chirping and chord progression and later the high pitched vocals of Donna come in. Drop buildup is simple but the drop melody and bass sounds really great and powerful. The cinematic emotional synths and all the instruments were beautifully produced.

Excision is set to drop his fifth album, Onyx next Thursday, Januaury 13th, which will showcase the three different styles felt throughout Subsidia since its 2020 launch.




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