Exitpost’s “Two Dreamers” Album is a Meditation on Identity

In the space between nightmares and culture, Exitpost’s Two Dreamers album is a silver lining for the artist’s struggle with identity. Born in Tokyo and raised in NYC, the critically-acclaimed producer, DJ, and writer experiences recurring dreamers where he wakes up unable to return home. The strife lies in the fact that Exitpost’s “home” is the culmination of two wildly juxtaposing cities. The album is a personal meditation on fear, heritage, and coping with the two. Listeners are captivated and moved by each track transition. Teetering between effervescent future-bass and flighty lo-fi gems, Exitpost simultaneously blends a quintessential Japanese influence into the familiar sounds of indie-electronic music. The 9-track effort is an intimate listen that bares the ability to resonate with the human experience as a whole. 






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