Extra Sauce, Please: Wuki, Diplo and Snappy Jit Release “Chicken Wang”

Hungry for a new, energetic whirlwind of a song to boost your mood during isolation? Look no further as grammy-nominated Wuki, recently signed to world-renowned HARD Recs, has collaborated with dance music icons Diplo and Snappy Jit for an unexpected, yet undoubtedly catchy, bass-heavy “Chicken Wang” as his first single for his second forthcoming album to be anticipated later this year.

From start to finish, this song picks you up and throws you into a universe of techno-bumping BPMs, anticipatory buildups and the sounding anthem samplings that humor yet intrigue you to listen over and over again. The contrast of high-pitched vocals and drop-kick 808 bass keeping the steady dance beat pulsating through your monitors add the spiciest flavor to any quarantine playlist curated to make anyone travel back to the care-free living of downtown nightclubs. One can only imagine how this track will sound on those speakers at the first show back.

If this song leaves you drooling for America’s dream dinner, fear not: Wuki has put together a very special online contest here for his most-dedicated fans in the LA area, the opportunity to have chicken wings delivered to your door by Wuki himself (if you’re not in LA, you will still get wings delivered and a facetime with Wuki). Dip your wings into some sauce while tearing up your homemade dance floor.





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