Skrillex Produced Kingdom Hearts Intro “Face My Fears” With Hikaru Utada

Global game fandom and dance music culture collides yet again thanks to Kingdom Hearts III, an upcoming action role-playing video game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the twelfth instalment in the Kingdom Hearts series due out January 29th, and it was revealed last year that none other than Skrillex – who is reportedly a fan of the series had helped co-produce the games intro theme song.

The resulting song “Face My Fears’ was sung by widely popular Japanese-American Singer Hikaru Utada, and long time Skrillex and Justin Bieber collaborator Poo Bear aided in its construction. The comments on the below video revealed that initially there was a divided opinion amongst fans, but many said upon hearing it when it was leaked back in November that the resulting ‘Face My Fears’ was fitting production for the games identity.

Today it’s been officially released along with a Japanese version and a track titled ‘Don’t Think Twice’ which Skrillex was initially recruited to remix before developing what would become the focus.

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