Farius Showcases Trance Brilliance In Debut Album, ‘From The Start’

For most artists, albums are a tough nut to crack. They demand a perfect blend of cohesion and diversity, crafted with meticulous care to meet often-immense expectations, the pressure exacerbated in the case of a debut album. London-native progressive trance protege Farius, however, seems to suggest otherwise, with his debut LP, ‘From The Start’, released on Enhanced Progressive. Through a wonderfully-varied collection of fifteen tracks, Farius puts his unique, sparkling and melodic sound on full display, offering some of his work developed ‘From The Start’ of his career.

An extravagant showcase of the best of progressive trance, the first full-length offering from Farius (real name Adam Turner) is as intricate in its production as it is creative in its sounds. Given Farius’s role as a lead A&R at the very label on which this record is released, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the production throughout is precise and energetic, with pounding basslines (as on ‘Steadfast’) and dazzling plucks (littered through ‘Forever’). While centering around the concordant riffs of upbeat progressive trance that Enhanced Progressive is known for, ‘From The Start’ sees forays into the techno side of things with the aptly named ‘Kechno’, ventures into uplifting with ‘Trancist’ and even dabbles with synthwave on ‘Way Back When’. Whether through melody, genre, sound design or vocal performance, you’re guaranteed to be in for a treat with every tune on the record.

Remarking on the biggest milestone in his career so far, Farius says, “This album is exactly as the title describes; a culmination of the journey I’ve been on thus far since I sent my first demo to Enhanced Music so many years ago. I won’t pretend and say it embodies my ‘life’s work’, but it’s a collection of tracks that hopefully show the journey I’ve been on since I started producing and where I’m at right now musically. I wanted to produce a versatile album exploring some different styles and sounds.”




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