Fatum, Genix, Jaytech and Judah Team Up For A Massive Four-Way Collaboration

Perhaps our favorite non-A&B, non-Andrew Bayer Anjunabeats release this year (yes, that’s a lot of criteria) comes today, as four label mainstays return for an engrossing, hard-hitting and melodic anthem. Titled ‘All In’ after its repetitive lyrical phrase, “we’re all in this together”, this collaboration ties together elements of each of the foursome’s styles, through its magical arrangement of delicious, melodic drop in between two rough, raw intro/outro basslines. It has been a fan favorite ever since its first festival play by Above & Beyond at ASOT900 in Utrecht, and will be featured on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats Vol. 14 compilation.

A single vocal sample grounds the track, as the chord progression and topline melody both revolve around it. Oozing simplicity with its minimalist yet captivating harmonies (somewhat ironically considering that four names were involved in this), ‘All In’ demonstrates that many times, flawless execution of a simple melodic idea works better than a mediocre rendition of a complex melody. Innovatively using a short vocal chops to add a sense of rhythm in the breakdown, as opposed to your usual kick/snare combination, this tune finds a way to subtly slither into build-up and drop, in a true progressive fashion. Vocal chops are lusciously sprinkled over a vibrant, buzzing soundscape of prominent supersaws and fantastic drum programming.

Often overlooked, extended mixes usually boast a smoother feel and a satisfying symmetry to songs which don’t come about in the original mixes. All In’s Extended Mix is a perfect example, as it adds a buildup to the intro bassline, and a peaceful, non-abrupt ending, which were both found wanting in the original mix. Check it out below!




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