FINNEAS Releases Stunning Debut EP ‘Blood Harmony’

FINNEAS has just come off a whirlwind global tour and just last week a live performance on SNL performing with his sister Billie Eilish whom he also co-writes and produces. Now FINNEAS’ is back but this time he’s solo having released his debut EP ‘Blood Harmony’.

The 7-track EP is a blend of fresh new sounds that step away from his comfort zone and take you further into the way he sees the world. New fan highlights appear through ‘I Don’t Miss You At All’ and ‘Die Alone’, which sit comfortably amongst already released ‘I Lost A Friend’, ‘Shelter’ and 2018’s ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night’.

‘Blood Harmony’ offers a wide array of emotions and moods but throughout we can pick up the new sound FINNEAS has developed. For those looking for a punch like his sister, these come with a much softer landing but without a doubt, the emotions cut just as deep.

If you’re interested to hear more about FINNEAS history, he discusses his previous musical projects, his time on Glee and making music with Billie in the early days, listen to his interview with Ross Golan on the acclaimed podcast ‘And The Writer Is‘ below.

Blood Harmony is out now, listen below on Spotify.

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