FISHER Drops ‘Wanna Go Dancin’ To Accompany ‘Freaks’

As promised, FISHER has dropped his newest single ‘Wanna Go Dancin’, joining ‘Freaks’ in a two track EP. FISHER tends to go for quality of quantity when it comes to music so when news of an EP circulated the excitement grew.

The Grammy nominated artist brings punchy underground house beats with the double release. The infectious vocals bring the ideal level of energy to a banging house production.

With its indelible refrain – “my feet wanna go dancing” – the track captures the collective yearning for the day we can all be back in the clubs. 

FISHER brings two new weapons into his even growing arsenal with ‘Freaks’ and ‘Wanna Go Dancin’, let’s hope we don’t have to wait 11 months for the next track!




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