Fisher Shares Experience Getting A Colonic In Hilariously Weird Clip

Dance legend Fisher is known for standing out from the rest for both his music and his antics. He hit it big last year with his party-starting weapon “Losing It” and the equally infectious follow up “You Little Beauty”. This week however he has taken his Instagram game to another level when he uploaded an almost 4-minute clip during an invasive and what would usually be considered a pretty embarrassing procedure.

The clip starts off with Fisher giving his own rather visual description of the impending procedure and then follows as he sits in the clinic and observes the devices about to be used on him. As the pipe inserted in him and he goes through the procedure he continues describes to the camera in some detail.

Although we don’t see it happening in the clip, we’ll take his word for it. We don’t really want the proof in this case anyway. On that note, happy Monday. Watch below if you want to find out wether he recommends it or not.





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