Florian Picasso & GRX (Martin Garrix) Finally Bring Us ‘Restart Your Heart’

After its first play at Ultra Music Festival in 2019, a year later, ‘Restart Your Heart’ is here from Florian Picasso and GRX.

Martin Garrix has a few aliases, GRX being one of them. He hasn’t utilised the GRX name since 2018, this being his 5th single under the name.

Upon release, the track now features vocals that inspire the track name of ‘Restart Your Heart’, said vocals build up into a killer drop. The track separates itself from the the crowd in a idiosyncratic manner. The grungy and dark drop packs energy, enough to get you dancing in your lounge room.

This isn’t the first time these talents have joined forces. Back in 2016 they released ‘Make Up Your Mind’ – a track that also features a distinctive drop.




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