Flux Pavilion Turns A New Page With ‘.wav’ Album

Flux Pavilion turns a new leaf with his newest project. .wav showcases Flux Pavilion in his element with this melodic, synth, and electric guitar-driven 16-track masterpiece. Flux Pavilion celebrated a decade at the forefront of bass music and now takes another step forward into new terrain with .wav.

The artist has evolved and grown throughout the years while maintaining his trailblazing and innovative spirit. With an array of modular synths, he’s taken the analog route for this release. 

The LP is a terrific collection of productions, not only will Flux’s dedicated fans love it, but new fans are sure to flock to .wav.

Celebrating the release, Flux Pavilion will be performing a live album show to the world with guitar, synth and singing, fans can enjoy the Flux Pavilion .wav album launch livestream on February 5th and 6th in partnership with Moment House. Tickets & full stream information can be found here.

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