FLY BOY JACK Make Their Debut With ‘Issue Zero’ Mixtape

FLY BOY JACK is the amalgamation of Jordan Dennis and JUJO. The duo have had success independently and have joined forces to deliver something completely unique to the evolving sound of the Australian Hip Hop landscape. They have delved into the beginnings and more with their documentary

Although both known individually for their deft, insurmountable skill — Jordan for his rubbery, nonporous flow and rapidfire lyrics, JUJO for beats that ping, sway, and swell as if existing outside the laws of physics or reason — there’s a creative frisson that arises when the pair unite that’s hard to beat. 

Originally conceived as a challenge to the two musicians — to see how many tracks they could make while staying together over a five-day COVID lockdown — Flyboy Jack eventually revealed itself as having far more complexity than a mere creative challenge. This was a record that deserved a synopsis, alter egos, a dense and divine mythology.

The first offering is their vibrant Issue Zero Mixtape. Being a mixtape, the uses of samples results in just a trailer being available on official platforms. The full mixtape can be heard below on Soundcloud and can be purchased through Bandcamp (including an awesome vinyl).

The mixtape is the perfect introduction to the talented duo. You are sure to be a fan of FLY BOY JACK just minutes into the Wu-Tang esque mixtape.

Kicking off their new project, the pair released a 10 minute documentary. Delve further into the world of FLY BOY JACK by watching below.




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