FNP Drops Techno Banger: “We Are The Gods”

London-based producer FNP keeps the surprises coming. While previous releases touched on House, Soulful Disco, Electronica and Trip Hop, now the East London beat maker has returned with a powerful, haunting techno stormer. 

Originally from near Luton, FNP started out creating and performing Drum and Bass. While at University, he threw himself into every musical opportunity that became available, soon enough, the attention started to come in the local scene. This led to sets supporting world renowned acts such as Enei, S.P.Y, Netsky, Newham Generals & loads more. All this eventually led to him landing a music industry job a few years down the line. Moreover, his record label Slinkiemusic began to pick up some notable fans including Teki Latex, Avalon Emerson, Ross From Friends, Loxy & Resound & Palace.

Skip forward to today, and his music has been supported by the likes of THUMP/ Vice Magazine, Complex UK and Clash Magazine. Spotify have also shown their support, with his tracks on a number of official playlists and racking up hundreds of thousands of streams.

His latest single, “We Are The Gods” is the kind of track you’d expect at Berghain, 3am, listening to Dettman or Klock. Its experimental, acid twisted nature is perfectly placed to whip up a frenzy with any techno enthusiasts. 

“I Adore working with acid basslines. Anybody who makes 4×4 music will be testament to how much fun you can have with them and there’s nothing like being at a rave when a right naughty acid b-line comes in. I wanted to experiment with that and make something with a darker edge.” – FNP

Check it out below!




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