Four Electronic-Jazz and Funk Acts Worth Your While

If you like the melodic, more complex side of EDM but you still enjoy a good beat to dance on, you should definitely check out these artists.


Let’s start with Canadian prodigy, producer, performer and pianist, Anomalie. His combination of electronic beats, formidable sound design and classical piano skills results in a wonderful, groovy sound that never fails the dancing crowd. His debut album, ‘Métropole’ and follow-up ‘Métropole II’ have been streamed 750k times. With his first US tour nearly completed it’s time to introduce him to the CULTR community.

Rob Araujo

If you want even more Jazz, you should definitely check out Rob Araujo. His music is more complex, filled with lengthy sophisticated solos that are still played over a heavy electro groove. This LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist surely is one of the more talented electronic musicians of his time.

Louis Cole

When talking about electronic funk one name comes to mind very quickly, Louis Cole. This drummer, singer, and producer often comes off like he’s from another world. With flashy outfits, funky, electronic beats and loads of humor he never seizes to amuse and move his crowds. His third and most recent album, Time, is one that I would especially recommend If you want a taste of his funk.


Next to his solo career Louis Cole is also known as the drummer of the Electronic duo KNOWER, an even heavier electronic act. Beware: if you are used to EDM you may not like this music. KNOWER has gained popularity with the early years of Youtube and has since toured the globe by itself and as the opener for great acts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even though the RHCP seem to like it, KNOWER clearly is not for everyone…




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