Four Years In The Making, Quentyn Drops ‘Enroute’ Album

Quentyn has released his entire discography along with a handful of new singles in his Enroute album. The 19 track LP showcases Quentyn’s productions over the years, delving into many styles from vocal focused indie records to more melodic progressive productions. All 19 tracks feel like Quentyn but still have a lot of unique elements. The album is a must listen, as you’re sure to find at least one track you’ll love.

Quentyn’s melodies and sound design are second to none, Enroute showcases that perfectly. Quentyn has been a staple in the dance music world for a while, beginning as Volt & State, then moved in the marketing world as he is now working at STMPD as well of course as still doing music under Quentyn and running Enroute Records.

“With this album I wanted to explore new genres, but most importantly make music from the heart without making any concession” explains Quentyn. Pushing a less club-centered sound, he’s “always seeking a melody that contains a perfect balanced mix of all that different emotions I’m looking for – all in one loop.”





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