How Frequency’s Smart Content ID System is Empowering Artists & Creators

In today’s digital age, music is being used by content creators without any direct benefit to artists. Unfortunately, approximately 90% of creators don’t credit the artist when using their music as the backdrop for their videos, which results in countless artists missing out on exposure and income they rightfully deserve. Independent label Frequency has launched a new Smart Content ID system that aims to combat this issue by ensuring that artists are credited and compensated when their music is used in YouTube videos, while also providing creators with a fair and easy-to-use system for using music in their content.

Frequency’s Smart Content ID System reviews videos across the internet that use songs within Frequency’s catalog, ensuring that the music is being used in a way that aligns with the artists’ best interests. If a creator doesn’t follow the proper credit guidelines, they will receive a claim and the revenue of the video will be redirected to the artist, allowing them to generate much-needed passive income.

Frequency’s Smart Content ID system is unique in that it is fair to creators and rights owners. Based on policy rules per track given by the rights owner, the label’s custom platform will validate whether an active or inactive claim will be made. The system also allows for the option to whitelist specific channels on a track-by-track level, and claims can be released within 24 hours once the proper credits have been added.

Frequency, which began as a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing music for free in 2013, has evolved into a leading independent record label, focusing on the promotion and development of an international roster of artists. Frequency has over 600 artists on its roster and has amassed years of experience in rights management within the digital realm.

According to Frequency’s founder and CEO Kelvin Ruijters, “We noticed a lot of content creators weren’t following our guidelines of using music in their content. We thought for quite some time about how to manage this to ensure that it remains fair to the content creators and also to the rights owners. We had to make a change and moved our policy on releases to YouTube Content ID claiming via our Smart Content-ID service. If a content creator followed our guidelines, then he/she won’t run the risk of receiving a claim.”

The Smart Content ID system has garnered significant interest from the industry, with Frequency’s onboarded partners and rights owners being able to transparently view and manage their content (track and video data) within the label’s self-built system, which has already reviewed 6 million videos with a total of 60 billion views.

Frequency’s mission is to develop long-term relationships with artists by continuously inspiring, investing, and intensively guiding them, so they can fully focus on creating their best music. They achieve this within their imprints: Frequency Music, Frequency Recordings, and Frequency Publishing.

All in all, Frequency’s Smart Content ID system is an innovative solution to a longstanding problem in the music industry. By ensuring that artists are credited and compensated for their work, the system not only benefits artists but also provides content creators with an easy and transparent way to use music in their videos. As the music industry continues to evolve, it is exciting to see companies like Frequency pushing the boundaries and creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved.





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