Friendless Release Bouncy House Record ‘Hula’ On Be Rich

Just in time for the weekend, Australia’s Friendless dropped his new track “Hula (Out Like This)” so you can vibe into the next week in style. Friendless is known for his carefree and avant-garde attitude towards life, always challenging his listeners and fans to be themselves and enjoy life to the fullest.

From the second “Hula (Out Like This)” starts, you’re pulled into it by its infectious beat and charismatic lyrics like “You can never turn out it like this, spinnin’ ’round like a hula”. Whether its a challenge from friends or foes, this song is really gets you pumped up like no other.

It’s a perfect jam for getting ready for a night or for blasting in your car on the way to another awesome experience. Let the infectious hook move you and don’t hesitate to groove to this bold house track whose beat just won’t let up. It’s what Friendless would want you to do as this release exemplifies what house music is all about.




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