Fish Scale Releases ‘Fully Loaded’ EP on Dack Janiel’s Imprint 40oz Cult

Released on 40oz Cult, a label founded by established heavy bass artists Dack Janiels, Fish Scale is blowing the lid on what folks know about bass house via his jaw-dropping two-side Fully Loaded EP. Featuring two works, “Pull Up” and “Flush,” the fast-paced energy and grinding bass elements put on display here are fitting to many lifestyle settings. Whether it be these songs getting plugged in to a banger festival set to elate the crowd or it being lumped in to a workout playlist to help fitness folks reach their peaks, both songs have the energy to change a room’s mood, Fish Scale has focused-in on a sound that’s puts in fire in the belly.

“Pull Up,” wastes no time staging the scene. The percussion sets the tone while the eerie synth work begins to come into play. Masculine vocal samples give a loose story to, “Pull Up,” as all the pieces come together to give a clear impression that it’s about to pop off. The drop comes in with screeching power as the sharp percussion backs up the intensity with it’s quick execution.

“Flush,” brings into play some of what, “Pull Up,” got the mind used to, but simultaneously keeps you on your toes. The ladder track here expands what’s to be expecting given the vibes of the former track, introducing more technicality and a dynamic delivery with the drum work. A hint of gothic choir work, more pumped vocal samples, and diverse drops make this tune a winner as it comes to a close.

Fully Loaded EP is just the latest from the well seasoned Fish Scale. Having shared the stage with the likes of Habstrakt, Schade, TRST, Bijou, Noizu, NuKid and put out tunes on well-known dance labels like Confession, DND, Thrive, Circus Records, 40oz Cult, Space Yacht, and Gold Digger, Fish Scale is nailing all the proper spaces to attain growth and recognition for all the right reasons.




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