Gabriel & Dresden Release Third Artist Album, ‘Remedy’

Gabriel & Dresden are trailblazers in the dance music scene, in many respects. Perhaps one of the most salient of their achievements, barring their Grammy nomination and length of their continuing project, was their previous crowdfunded album, ‘The Only Road’. Replete with an indie feel, some charming analogous sounds and Sub Teal’s memorable voice, the LP garnered support across the globe, prompting a tour including festivals such as Burning Man, Creamfields and Tomorrowland. As the dust clouds of their frenzied touring schedule settled, so did they in the comfort of their Spokane studio. The result was their third album, ‘Remedy’.

It’s safe to say that Remedy shares much in common with ‘The Only Road’, albeit alongside a few differences too. Both albums were crowdfunded; 650 Kickstarters pooled in their resources for Remedy. Sub Teal features in Remedy’s tracks so often that she might even be the third member of G&D. The charming indie feel is retained with a balance of intimate and invigorating – a balance that is all the more apparent with every complete listen of the album.

Among the highlights of Remedy are the energetic ‘Twelve’ and ‘Something Bigger’, which both adopt a majestic, grandiose soundscape centered thematically around a melodic motif. The two big singles, ‘Keep On Holding’ (with its own banging Ilan Bluestone + Maor Levi remix) and ‘Coming On Strong’ are both stellar tunes in their own right. Meanwhile, the intro tune, ‘No One’s To Blame’ and the experimental tune ‘Luna’ both lend a very authentic feel to the record as a whole, probably an artifact of the inspiration behind ‘Remedy’ itself.

“Remedy started out as a feeling.  Every time we stepped away from the city and ventured into nature, we returned rejuvenated with a strong sense of being connected to something bigger than ourselves. More at peace,” explains Dave Dresden, a member of the duo. “Although the meaning behind each song on the album stems from turning points in our lives, through the recording and production of the songs, they took on a character of their own.”

Stream the album in its full glory below!

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