Gamer ‘Ninja’ Leaves Twitch, For Exclusive Partnership With Microsoft’s

Ninja, aka Richard Blevins, is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, Professional Gamer, and certified Influencer. Or should we say ‘was’ for two of those categories…..He announced today that he’s helping to take on the platforms that built him with an exclusive streaming deal from Microsoft’s, which would see him leave Amazon’s Twitch.

The announcement – made via his social media – a parody press announcement let us in on the news. The video included some tongue in cheek questions from the old age, ‘dying’ members of the press and a cameo from a fridge full of Red Bull – another of his long-time sponsors.

Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer which was started back in 2016, but has struggled to make an impact in comparison to Amazon’s owned platform, Twitch. Microsoft is banking on Ninja’s icon status to bring some of his 14 Million followers to the platform.

It’s too early to tell if they are willing to move for him, but according to Google Trends searches for “How To Stream on Mixer” are up 2,950% today. But at the same time, a search for both ‘Mixer and Ninja’ turns up hundreds of Fruit blenders.

It’s unknown at this time how much the deal cost Microsoft, but he has previously been paid in excess of $1 million to promote a game. Given his entire audience lives on Mixer’s competitors, it is reasonable to believe he was given the deal of a lifetime.

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