GATTÜSO Releases House Spin On Des’ree Classic, ‘Life’

Reworking a classic is often risky business, but with someone like NYC-based GATTÜSO at the helm, you’re in for a treat. First aired in the beloved Netflix series ‘Sex Education’ to frantic Shazaming as it skyrocketed to #32 in the Shazam Top 100, this upbeat and groovy tune finally sees a release via celebrated label Ultra Records.

Assisted by the magical and airy vocals of Signe Mansdotter, ‘Life’ combines the dancefloor-worthy style of GATTÜSO with the chill tenors of multi-award winning composer for film, TV, and advertising, Sorenious Bonk. The charming production is assisted by energetic synths and catchy vocal chops, while the lyrics deliver a pertinent reminder to embrace the greatest aspects of our lives.

GATTÜSO’s love for the original makes this tune all the more special, as he says, “I used to love watching MTV and I remember the “Life” video was always on. It was a big hit, so it’s really cool for me to have the opportunity to now cover a song that was such a big part of my youth.”




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