Gerry Read Releases the Brilliant & Funkalicious ‘Sunshine Kissing’

The world has been in a frigid place brought by turmoil that sunk its teeth deep into the pulse of the collective human condition. Over the past month or two, I have come back to several artists to brighten my day. One of which is an artist that is rising faster than yeast with a penchant for surly beats and a sound that dazzles. It’s Suffolk’s Gerry Read and he has released his newest record, “Sunshine Kissing”, an incendiary addition to his discography, one that shimmers with delight.

Gerry has built an impressive array of genre-bending House tunes, many that have found a consistent home in the underground and club scenes. He has garnered praise and support from artists’ who have prominence on global festival lineups, headlining appearances at the highest echelon of venues, and built the sounds that have bled into the mainstream, influencing all corners of the commercial music industry. These ardent supporters include Ross From Friends, Anthony Naples, Loco Dice, Roy Davis Jr, and even the legendary Basement Jaxx have spun his records. To add the proverbial cherry to the top, Gerry’s acclaimed second album Chubby Cheeks received its own BBC 6 Music album special with the ultimate tastemaker, Gilles Peterson. It should come as no surprise that Gerry Read is raising his status to become a household name in the electronic scene.

One of my favorite records of the last few months is Gerry’s “Shit Cant Make Anything”, an impressive and inventive record that brings a fresh approach to disco-toned House. He also achieved similar results with his remix of Adelphi Music Factory’s “Uprising”, another fantastic tune that has shimmering vibrance that paints the mind with glee. Following in similar sonic bliss comes “Sunshine Kissing”, which is brought to us by Ministry Sound and Three Six Zero.

From the first lick of sound, you’re instantly transported to a glistening world of luminosity. At the heart of the record is a rich funkalicious groove that hypnotizes listeners with an insatiable need to shake their hips and bob their heads. Woven around the groove are sultry guitar riffs, whimsical keys, and a cheeky vocal sample. These elements fuse to bring a sound that is jovial and uplifting, warming the soul like the first kiss of sunshine after a frozen winter.

Included with the release is a visualizer that is the perfect complement to Gerry’s personality and sound. Created by Pablo Melchor, it focuses on a feminine figure with an 8-ball head, which is the constant figure that has featured prominently within Gerry’s visual narrative. The style of the video is quite playful and utilizes elements of vaporware and VHS aesthetic that breathe a nostalgic feel. It fits perfectly with the playful, spirited nature of “Sunshine Kissing” and is an excellent example of forming a cohesive vision.

For the release, Gerry Read provided us with this special note to CULTR readers:

“Hi, Cultr readers. My mum, dad and two brothers live in Australia. My dad who is a PI (private investigator) always told me to get a real job and tried to push me into being a mechanic or carpenter. He investigates pizza places for tax avoidance. If we can get my head on a billboard next to every pizza place to keep him company during his 15-hour stakeouts then my mission will be complete.

With everything going on in today’s world, we need artists like Gerry Read; those who deny cynicism and depressive vibes and unleash blistering warmth that spreads happiness and joy to those who listen. “Sunshine Kissing” is the perfect antidote to the spreading melancholy and will be one that you have on repeat for days on end.

To stream Sunshine Kissing, continue below or follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice.




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