Get Addicted To NASAYA & Tim Atlas’ “Plastic Straw”

Bringing forward one of the most addicting records we’ve spun in a while, NASAYA and Tim Atlas present “Plastic Straw.” The ultra-funky track drives uplifting energy that is wildly contagious. Laying down an infectious bassline on top of a catchy topline, the elements here are all needed to create a true hit.

“I wrote this song with Tim in July and it all came together super quickly. I was listening to a lot of classic 2000-2010’s records such as Phoenix, Daft Punk or Jungle at the time and that inspired the production decisions. I think it’s a slight departure from my usual style especially in terms of arrangement – Here the chorus ‘climax’ is achieved mostly with the hook vocals rather than making it all about the production or a ‘drop’ – That gave me more musical freedom for the outro of the song and I feel like it gives it an interesting flow. I feel like compared to my other tracks this feels more like a cool ‘song’ rather than an ‘electronic’ track featuring vocals on top of it and it’s something I always wanted to do.”


There’s just so much to love from this single. Whether its the smooth guitar work in the background or the impeccable synth work, the track simply hits from all cylinders. Locked and loaded for any day-time cruising or simply kicking back, “Plastic Straw” is a song for any occasion. Hit play and let the harmonious atmosphere infiltrate your mind.





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