Get Lost in a vibe with Thando1988’s “Your Love”

A beautiful new vibe has been unveiled for us. Built upon classic house stylings, “Your Love” is an enchanting track from newcomer Thando1988. The burgeoning producer and DJ doesn’t shy away from being true to his artistry and himself, which is felt with fervor on “Your Love”.

In today’s streaming world, we often focus too much on big data and placements on the DSPs’ major playlists. While this isn’t inherently bad, it has demoted the focus on the quality of music and the artistry behind it. It’s safe to say that Thando1988 is amongst the few that focus on the true responsibilities of an artist. He takes an honest approach to create inspiring music that conjures intense feelings of love, melancholy, and everything in-between. This honesty is quite apparent on “Your Love”.

The track has a gooey vibrancy that does not wilt with repeated plays. The funk and disco tones create a glistening sound that envelopes listeners stirring the senses and drives the head-bobbing. Behind these delectable sounds and prettiness, there is a sense of something raw that strikes the eardrums. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s happening, but there is a deeper feeling of connectivity that radiates from the core of the track. Maybe it’s the honesty in Thando’s approach I spoke of earlier, but whatever it is, is something that we often don’t feel from streaming. Suffice to say, “Your Love” is a brilliant tune.

To further understand the sound and narrative behind the track, Thando provided us with this context:

I wrote this song a month before my mom passed during an extremely difficult time in my life. Between visiting her in the hospital everyday, being flat broke and unsure where my life was going I managed to create this song. It introspective song yet and it’s my pleasure to share it with you.

For those of us who want to feel or stir the senses, Thando1988 and his “Your Love” are the perfect solutions. It’s also why Thando is on the cusp of a breakthrough. I highly suggest we all keep our eyes and ears affixed to a brilliant new artist.

To stream “Your Love” scroll down.

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