Get Lost in TATYANA’s Dreamland in OOT

I often bemoan the lack of ingenuity or the pursuit of uniformity to appease the digital czars that proliferate our predetermined likes. When an act denies the necessary costume to appeal to the binary numbers that are fed to the algorithm, we must celebrate them and take notice of the true artist they are. That is why today I write about an astral surprise that has only just begun sculpting her musical dreamland. Her name is TATYANA and she is a vivid wonder that will consume your consciousness.

Hailing from the UK with expatriate experiences from Holland, Russia, Singapore, and the United States, TATYANA is a brazen culmination of personal forgeries. It leads her sound to distinct aural pastures untethered to a singular provincial mark. From her personal realm, she conjures an appetizing sound of fluttery melodies, stirring lyricism and vocals, and the graceful sound design to conjoin the pieces together as a grand symphonic mosaic. It can be defined as indie-pop, but TATYANA deserves more than being confined to a box, especially when the whole artistic lens is applied.

TATYANA first made waves with “Wild Card” and “Shadow On The Wall” released on Sinderlyn, the label known for indie-darling HOMESHAKE. These records are a glimpse into an act that offers an intimate view into her soul with each lick of sound. Her records are not over-decorated pieces of music pandering to the streaming overloads, but an artist that is vulnerable to allow a true sense of who she is and her explorative ideas gleam through. Take “Shadow On The Wall”, the record examines the struggles of modern relationships and the digital lives that bear our truths. Couple this with the music video that is shot through the view of Apple’s Photo Booth or a laptop camera and it constructs an honest view into themes that plague the modern relationship, something that many of us have struggled with. TATYANA brings this same honest storytelling to her newest release, “OOT”.

Similar in style as her previous releases, “OOT” is a vibrant, mystifying world of searing synths and striking vocal work backed by intelligent use of autotune. It’s as if TATYANA transports us into an ethereal dreamland constructed by a fairy godmother or by a witch and her spells. The energy is nothing short of infectious, which pairs to the individual elements of the record to form a song that is bold and alluring.

Within the marvelous intricate sound, is a theme of experience and living your life outside the influence or pressure of society and judgment of others. It’s a message that many of us can relate to, especially with the anxieties created by social media and the window into everyone’s perfect little lives shaped by Lightroom and Facetune. Like TATYANA croons at the end, “you only have one life to live” and we may as well live it how we see fit.

The music video provides an interesting complement to the record and fits nicely with the dreamy wonderland sound. In the video, TATYANA is styled in several outfits that would appropriately be described as magical garb. In other words, you get a feeling that a modern witch would rock these clothes, which extends to the two accompanying dancers. In fact, she had this to say about the video, “we wanted it to have witchy vibes – girls casting spells and dancing. It’s a celebration of play and feminine friendship”. This desired idea is abundantly clear and it helps shape her wondrous artistry that viewers will appreciate and connect with.

TATYANA is definitely an artist weaving her own identity and sound that we all need to stop and appreciate. Her debut EP, “SHADOW ON THE WALL” is out July 17 on Sinderlyn and continues her musical tale, unencumbered by the restraints of digital conformity. Keep an eye on CULTR and TATYANA’s social media for more information

The music video for “OOT” can be viewed below. It can also be streamed on the desired DSP by following the link here. It’s well worth the listen or view.

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