Getaway with Henri Purnell and Goldbird

With a discography that resonates with over half a million monthly Spotify listeners, Henri Purnell has struck gold when it comes to finding just the right vibe to reach out to the listener. Teaming up with German producer, Goldbird, this pair of artists have released the adventurous track, “Getaway.”

With soft kicks and soothing vocals, “Getaway” is the perfect lowtempo track for easy listening, studying, o a relaxing car ride. Guitars, muted piano and brass accentuate the feel-good drop with catchy melodies to accompany the vocals. The pacing of the track is just incredible, through its management of energy levels to ensure listeners get a smooth, clean ride. 

“Getaway” is one of the best examples of transforming an emotion and atmosphere into music. Henri Purnell and Goldbird have masterfully painted a vivid picture of serenity and desire that reverberates throughout the soundscape and is sure to resonate with many. Experience their work first-hand using the links below.

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