Gianluca Vacchi Interview: Career Paths, Favourite Event, Dance Videos + More

Entrepreneur; social media star; DJ; producer; Gianluca Vacchi is a man who triumphs whatever he puts his hands to. His athletic, hedonistic, daredevil playboy antics on social media made him a star whose charisma people were naturally drawn to, and after amassing an enormous following he decided to follow his dreams in music.

Heir to a huge packaging and processing company, Gianluca’s hedonistic, fun-loving antics have made him a huge star on social media in recent years, with over 14million Instagram followers glued to his fantasy lifestyle.

Whether he’s performing a dance routine to one of his favourite tracks, hanging out with his celebrity friends, showing off his impressive physique and love of tattoos, looking sharp in his flamboyant outfits or performing outlandish feats on one of incredible collection of motorbikes, there’s never a dull moment in his life. 

Now signed to the massive Universal Latin-America—one of the most successful artist rosters in the history of Latin-American music—his status as a recording artist is being catapulted into the stratosphere.

Music clearly runs in the family considering your cousin Fabio is a famous composer as well as your Grandma being a piano teacher. Is this where your musical instinct came from? 

I was playing piano when I was six years old with my Grandma and I’ve always loved to dance. Music has always been in my family, even my mother plays piano. I grew up with music but only made my passion public when I got older! 

You have mentioned your family being split between music and business. Are you the only one to engage in both? 

I think so! I had a grandfather who was both a painter and a great businessman, he could make a beautiful drawing of a town or a face for example with just a pencil. 

You’ve been seen with many football players, do you have a favourite team?

I don’t have a favourite team in a sense that I love football and sport, I have my friends. So I barrack for the teams that my friends play for, I have so many friends, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo and many Italians of course. I’m in love with outstanding characters, I’m a supporter of great sportsmen in general. Of course I have the Italian national team. As with the team of my town, Bologna – which I have been a supporter of before because the owner was a friend of mine. 

It is evident that you love your tattoos. Do you have a favourite tattoo?

Yes the face of my father, which I have on my ribs. And his signature which I have on the face of my father – that’s my favourite for sure. 

You have developed many career paths and pastimes such as skiing, successful entrepreneurship and business management, helicopter pilot and now DJ – is there anything different we could see you doing in 5 years time?

The only thing that I am curious to try would be acting. It would kind of be a third life for me – let’s see! I am open to do anything, I need something to satisfy my curiosity. 

What advice would you give to people wanting to start something new? 

Dream big, dream big! Life is difficult and you have the contingency everyday, be focused on having some time to dream and have the courage to do it. Today contingency is tough and has always been tough. Young people need to dream, they have to understand that if our mind pushes us to dream, it’s because sometimes dreams come true. It seems easy to say but behind the most simplest things lies the truth. 

You just had a packed summer tour and you have been able to travel the world a few times over. What would be your favourite event to play in the world?

I’ve played many different places, but the best place I played was by far Tomorrowland. The energy that you catch and spread there, there is no comparison to any other musical, entertainment events in the world. 

You appear during the ‘Mi Gente’ music video which now has over 2.5 billion plays, how did that come about?

J Balvin is like my little brother. I danced to his music on Instagram and he contacted me and then we became friends. At a certain point he said he wanted me to open the ‘Mi Gente’ video – I listened to the song and thought it was amazing. It was already out with Willy William, in reality – it was a remix of the original song. Usually remixes do not have the success of the original, but in this case it was unbelievable. It was a great experience to open the video! I even opened his concert in Medellin DJing – we’re good friends. 

After watching your dance videos, it is apparent you love latin music – is that somewhere you want to take your own music?

I have some more latin/reggaeton, I have some trap, I have some pop and mostly dance. Just looking to diversify! 

Do you have any thoughts on what the next big genre would be in 2020?

I think latin is going to keep up and consolidate its position as the leader. It is evident. It has been popular with listeners for years but it’s now really shining. But I do think there will be a step back with Latin music and more of the regional beat introduced. Everyone is looking for strange sounds. I think that next genre will be very simple, less is more!


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