Gino Gomez Is Shaping The Future Of EDM Through Well-Versed DJing And Production, As Featured In ‘Miami’

Continuously progressing as an artist since the debut of his music career, Gino Gomez plays a monumental role in the electronic space. He developed a passion for music at a young age when his parents passed down their love for music to him. Gino instantly began strengthening his skillset and letting his musical imagination run wild. Over the years, his ever-growing knowledge and creativity have allowed Gino to build the immense following that he has today.

Defined by personal experiences and a variety of cultural influences, Gino’s appreciation of modern EDM expanded while living in Mykonos. Summers on the Greek island brought the styles of Benny Benassi and Steve Angello, which resulted in Gino merging these styles with an innovative production strategy of his own. Since then, he has garnered the support of globally-recognized artists, such as Diplo, The Martinez Brothers, Black Coffee, Disclosure, and many others.

Widely known for his mesmerizing electro-mashups, Gino has gone through multiple rebrands and shifts in musical direction throughout his artistic journey. He has ended up with a distinct sound that embodies powerful basslines and crisp percussion. Fueled by drums and hypnotic beats, the style reflects Gino’s Afro-Cuban heritage. Be on the lookout for this mystifying DJ-producer hybrid as he climbs his way to the top.




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