glue70 Continues To Impress With New Single “Days Go On”

glue70’s sound is a vibrant and sonic tapestry. This dry and special fusion of house and kick-laden R&B emerges from the childhood of reggae, French club, breakbeat and sampled hip-hop. It’s no surprise that Dilla, Doom, Daft Punk and Boards of Canada are heavily included in his list of musical influences. Emerging onto the scene with his rich flavor and style, the music-maker is back with his newest single “Days Go On.”

The heart of the summer ballad ‘Days Go On’ is a bittersweet melancholy. This deeply complex slice of futuristic chill-hop sums up glue70’s MO. The intimate soundtrack you didn’t think you needed if here and delivers a slew of soft synth chimes, harmonious vocals, resulting in an uplifting number.





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