glue70 Takes You On A Trip with Studio Album “2070”

After a string of successful singles this year, including two twin-track releases, the time has finally arrived for our Mancunian – glue70. The eagerly awaited, 12-track, mega album – ‘2070’ drops and we are beyond ready to receive all the well teased, musical goodness encapsulated within. The focus track of the album is the aqueous and illustrious ‘Observe’ which features the beautifully blended vocals of Katie Miller. glue70’s sound is a rich musical tapestry: from a childhood of reggae, French house, breakbeat, and sampled hip-hop comes this warm and unique intersection of feather-light house and kick-laden R&B. It’s no surprise that Dilla, Doom, Daft Punk and Boards of Canada feature heavily on his list of formative influences – but it may be more surprising that he learned his craft making music on video editor Sony VEGAS.

 “Always chase your dreams and have faith in your ambitions, regardless of your current situation.” – glue70


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