Golden Bug, The Limiñanas, and Vega Voga Unite for Mesmerizing ‘Hi No Tori,’ Blending Futuristic Sounds and Ethereal Vocals

Golden Bug has been making waves with his trailblazing approach to electronic music, and his recent single, “L’effet domino,” has set new standards. Now, he returns with “Hi No Tori,” a collaboration with The Limiñanas and Japanese artist Vega Voga, promising an adventure that’s nothing short of spectacular.

Golden Bug’s latest track, “Hi No Tori,” is a masterclass in sonic exploration. Hypnotic loops, robotic elements, and futuristic effects intertwine seamlessly with sharp guitars and ethereal vocals, creating a sound that’s both unique and deeply engaging. Vega Voga’s haunting voice adds an otherworldly dimension, conjuring images of a phoenix taking flight. Inspired by Can’s classic “Mother Sky,” Golden Bug infuses his unique organic touch, resulting in a track that defies genre conventions and transports listeners to new realms.

The collaboration with The Limiñanas and Vega Voga showcases a perfect blend of their distinct musical styles. This fusion takes listeners on a journey across different sonic arenas, merging their diverse influences into a cohesive and thrilling experience. Accompanying this musical masterpiece is a visually stunning video directed by Pierre Magnol, known for his exceptional work on “L’Effet Domino.” The video for “Hi No Tori” explores the evolution of borders and nations, delivering a powerful message of unity and brotherhood.

With over fifteen years of pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Golden Bug continues to push the limit, experience for yourself below.




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