Google Honour Avicii With Doodle on Google Home Page

Celebrating the 32nd birthday of Avicii with a Doodle, which is shown on Google’s home page across 46 countries.

The doodle which falls during the same week as “World Suicide Prevention Week” aims to commemorate Avicii’s (Tim Bergling) career, achievements, and contributions to music which left a big impression on the world. To celebrate and pay tribute to Tim Bergling’s life and musical heritage.

Alongside the home page Doodle, a music video was released. Created by the artist who did the Doodle; Alyssa Winans. She created a video based on Avicii’s hit record ‘Wake me Up’ with sketched scenes from Tim’s life and how he spread joy to all around him. The video brings back all the emotion and reminds us just how special he was.

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