GotSome Drops House Gold With Remix Of Ultra Naté And Funk Cartel’s ‘Supernatural’

Brace yourself for the flavor-filled flip that has listeners turning their heads toward GotSome. The solo DJ/producer applied his magic to Ultra Naté And Funk Cartel’s “Supernatural,” bringing a deeper house component to the mix and capture an organic feel that will stand the test of time.

This is far from GotSome’s first release or remix and it shows, this edit having a certain seamless flow that gives the impression that a ‘stream of conciseness’ moment was more than likely happening in the studio when GotSome was crafting the stems.

Funk Cartel and Ultra Nate couldn’t have picked a better candidate to add memorable juice to what is already a outstanding original. Thanks to GotSome and the release now hitting the global music marketplace, there’s more to love, enjoy and revel in.

The single can be heard below and isn’t the last you’ve heard from any of the talents involved.




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