‘Gouldian Finch 4’ A Must-Hear Bitbird Compilation

San Holo’s label bitbird is back through it’s 4th installment of the Gouldian Finch series, an annual compilation album that the label puts together to not only do something a bit different in the single-driven digital era we are in, but to something fun that fans will more deeply cherish and remember.

They’ve hit the nail on the head via the compilation, so many winning sounds and so many talents all featured in one go here, it can almost be hard to take in. From solo originals to heavy-handed collaborations, the scale of what is at hand is easy to gawk at on it’s own, aside from the unique, forward thinking sounds these artist are pursuing.

The final track features San Holo himself alongside a few friends, the vibe happening to be my personal favorite, but to each his own. With that side, artists from various backgrounds and at different stages of their career all make an appearance on Gouldian Finch 4.

Dive into the enriching experience that won’t be soon forgotten below.




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