Griff Clawson Lays Out Heavenly Acoustic Track ‘Things You Said’

SoCal-native singer/songwriter Griff Clawson gifts music fans a heartwarming single the captures summer love stories. This true talent molds his melodies and instrumental that into one language. “Things You Said” comes at the heels of Clawson’s breakout pop record “Chasing Highs,” and marks his third release of 2021. Clawson made waves in 2020 after exploding onto the scene with vocal features on tracks produced by DJ global-stars such as ARTY, Matoma, Devault, Manilla Killa and Boombox Cartel. In moving the focus of his career to releasing his own singles, Clawson is poised to explode in 2021.

““Things You Said” is really the song that helped me get over the ledge to start releasing music. It was the first song that I felt confident about that also felt true to myself. For me the song captures the feeling of confusion when words people once spoke to each other no longer ring true, and takes you through some scenes of personal story and how I felt coming off of a (metaphorical) high with somebody.” – Griff Clawson

A sound so fresh and yearned for the decade, Griff’s signature sound is influenced from all around the scope of alternative indie and thus delivers a style so addicting and peaceful.

“Sonically my focus is to support and complement the songs in ways that remind me of artists like Bon Iver, John Mayer, and James Blake without getting in the way of the song and my vocals. I think pushing the envelope to invent new sounds is as important as using familiar and loved sonics.”




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